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    Booking Through Thursday 050407

    This is my first time doing Booking Through Thursday, so I did a few more after this week’s. There will be a food post later today as I just baked a batch of cookies.

    1. Just out of curiosity, as we enter into Passover and Easter season . . . have you ever read the Bible? Just the odd chapter or Psalm? The whole thing? (Or, almost the whole thing? It’s some heavy reading, of course, and those “begats” get kind of tedious.) – I’ve read more of the Old Testament than the New Testament. So the odd books: Job, Genesis, Songs of Solomon, etc.
    2. If so, was it from religious motivation or from a literary perspective? Stuck with nothing else to read in a hotel room the Gideon’s have visited? Any combination? – Both. Mostly from a literary perspective. I took a religion I actually did a presentation on the Book of Job. I have also been in the situation where I have read a Gideon bible in a hotel room because I was bored. I think this was in Hong Kong.
    3. If not, why not? Against your religious principles? Too boring? Just not interested? Something you’re planning on taking care of when you get marooned on a desert island? – I wouldn’t read the whole bible because I’ve read about half of it any way, and not all of it is interesting or too riveting.
    4. And while we’re on the subject . . . what about the other great religious works out there? Are they more to your liking? – Well, I like Tao Te Ching. I would like to try and read The Quarran and the Upanishads.

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    Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty

    Charmed Thirds This is the first book I’ve actually finished since February. It’s always depressing when I realize that I haven’t actually read a complete book in a month. In any case, I said I was going to read Northanger Abbey next or finish The Best American Travel Writing 2006, but I have been stressed and tired. I wanted to read and finish something that I knew would be quick and relatively light. That doesn’t mean I’m still not able to reflect afterwards. I always found this series to be one of the better “chicklit” books I’ve read. It’s been almost four years since I read the first two books in the series: Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings. When Jessica Darling, the protagonist, was in high school, I was in high school, and now the book is her college life, and I’m in college. It’s quite apt to say the least. I did relate to her a lot in this book, more than in the previous two books. Or maybe, as I’ve discovered last year, the older I get, the more I am able to project my life and issues into every book I read. In any case, I can relate to the loner status, the family angst, the what the hell am I going to do after I get my undergrad? issue, etc. I’ve always found McCafferty better at doing growing up, chicklit style novels than Meg Cabot or Louise Rennison. I also feel that she’s got slightly more ‘substance’ than Sophie Kinsella and the others too. So yeah, I enjoyed the few hours I had with the book to reminded myself of a few things in a refreshing way without being heavy.

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