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    Shopaholic & Baby

    When I started this novel reading about Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) coveting Dior baby items, I wondered why I was still reading this series. Becky is still the consummate consumer, lies to her husband Luke a tad too much about it, and as much I personally like fashion and designer clothing, I can not imagine buying myself that many luxury items for a baby, let alone for myself. Then, as usual, Sophie Kinsella’s amusing and outlandish story-lines and dialogue started to suck me in. I quite enjoy a good chicklit novel, but I only really read and follow the works of a few authors such as Kinsella, Emily Griffin, and Meghan McCaffrey. There is something so relaxing about reading these novels; I love how fast the story moves along. I also really like how in the end, the mean people do get what’s coming to them, all the loose ends are tied and the female protagonist has her man, family, friends, and in this case, baby with her happily. It may not be substantial, but it’s rather nice to get away with. Kinsella always makes me laugh out loud at least once in her books. I do think my favourite has to be Can You Keep a Secret?, but I have been reading the Shopaholic series for years now. I always try to finish and continue the series if it’s tolerable enough. Yes, they are rather predictable, but that’s part of the fun with established storylines and characters. It’s frivolous and fun reading at its best, distracting and relaxing.