Hour 14 and 15: Refreshments and Bonsoir

Alright my dear friends, I must call it a night. I have much to do tomorrow. I read two books, one play, but I really only completed one book. It was fun and worth it though, and the book was particularly apt I thought.

I won one of the challenges over at Dewey‘s blog. Yay! She reads some great books too so I’m sure I’ll have some lovely choices in the future. I also would like to take the time to deserve credit to Dewey for being a fantastic organiser and host of this event. She’s made this great fun for all of us.

Here’s my last challenge from Booklogged: Choose one of the books you are reading for the challenge. Pretend you are going to host a book group at your house this month to discuss that book. What will you serve for refreshments? The refreshments have to tie-in to the book somehow.

Since I’ve actually finished First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde, I’ll have a Thursday Next themed party.

People who have read the books will understand why I will choose Battenburg cake and Cheese (with crackers) as the food with coffee and tea as refreshments. Not any Cheese, but illegal cheese that I probably had to smuggle across the border.

Thanks for everything today. Good night and good luck.


  1. booklogged says:

    Athena, I want to come to your book group. I have this book on my shelf but it has to wait til next year for a new set of challenges. I do understand the Battenburg cake and illelegal cheese. Wonderful!

  2. dew says:

    Goodnight! Thanks for participating! I’m in the same boat as booklogged. This series is lined up for me for next year for the First in a Series challenge, and I’m trying to wait til January.

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