Day: April 13, 2008

Even though I said I was going to be back to regularly scheduled reading this week, I have not been. My honours thesis is behind schedule. I am almost nearly done. So not much reading today. I may read some Othello later this evening. I did read Haruki Murakami’s On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning this morning. I’ve never read any of Murakami’s novels, but I am more interested now.

The week has gone by very quickly mostly because I have a been working, stressed, and productive. It will be good once things start slowing down this week. I have been overloaded for the past month that the transition is going to be a bit odd. I will clean, read some books this week, see friends, maybe watch a couple of films, and knit. Hopefully. I may not be doing the Salon next week because I will be out of town visiting a friend. I am hoping I can at least email a small post to update on my reading.

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