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Are there any particular worlds in books where you’d like to live?
Or where you certainly would NOT want to live?
What about authors? If you were a character, who would you trust to write your life?
(This came to me when reviewing a Jonathan Carroll book – I’m not sure I’d like to live in the worlds of his books.) – BTT

Worlds I would like to live include Philip Pullman’s parallel world where daemons exist, Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series (oh to be a jurisfiction agent), Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quartet, and of course, JKR’s Harry Potter, and probably quite a few more. When I was a child, I was constantly looking for closets that go into Narnia; I wanted to be Lucy. I also really wanted to be Wendy Peter Pan.

I definitely would not want to live in any dystopia books such as 1984, Brave New World, Blindness, or Fahrenheit 451. There are also a few classic authors whose works I would not want to live in such as Thomas Hardy, Dosteoyevsky, Edith Wharton, E. M. Forster, sometimes Dickens, and sometimes Shakespeare (tragedies only)

Authors I would trust for my life: Jane Austen, Philip Pullman, Shakespeare (comedies only), and Neil Gaiman (because it would be really cool).

3 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday — Other Worlds

  1. Me, too. When I was little, I used to love to play in my Granny’s big wardrobe which I was absolutely sure must lead to Narnia somehow. But I never found that secret door!

  2. I love to see the tulips in your header. Whew! I finally remembered to say it! Every Thursday, I think that thought as soon as your blog opens, and then I forget to tell you because I get so carried away with responding to your answer.

    Now, on to the business at hand:
    Ah, to be Wendy-like in Much Ado About Nothing.

  3. Heh, I think Potterland is going to be quite popular with this one! And I’m sitting here grumbling about missing out Swindon and all it’s wonderful attractions available to a rookie Jursifiction agent, from my list!

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