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    Sandy’s Legwarmers

    Project 203/365 - Sandy's Leg Warmers

    My friend wanted some legwarmers, and these are simple, but still appealing. It’s just k1p1 all the way through. She is very tiny and I only cast on 40 sts, but I could have CO 42 for her. She chose the colours. I knit these two at a time on one circular. I learned that technique for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan (which is on hold indefinitely), and it is pretty neat. The book says this is a four hour project, but it really is not. Though, still quick and mindless, good for gift giving.

    Project 191/365 - Starter Warmers

    Sandy’s Legwarmers, started September 20th, 2008 finished September 27th, 2008 Ravelry Project Page
    Pattern: Super-Easy Legwarmers by Joelle Hoverson in Last Minute Knitted Gifts Ravelry Pattern Page
    Made for: Sandy
    Size: Small
    Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino (100g/223 yards) in Paprika and Harvest – less than one skein each
    Needles: #7/4.5mm 40″ circs
    Modifications: No yarn doubling, cast on 40.
    Cost of Project: $14 for yarn
    Would I knit it again? Maybe, but yarn doubled with mohair as intended.

  • Books

    Lord of the Rings

    This is actually a review of 2/3 of The Two Towers and all of The Return of the King. I read Fellowship of the Ring seven or eight years ago; I remember liking it overall, and I probably did like it more than the second part. I started The Two Towers after FOTR, but I never finished it managing only one third of it six years ago. I liked The Hobbit when I read it a decade ago. There is a notable difference in how Tolkien wrote The Hobbit and LOTR though. Having seen the movies since I read the first part of the trilogy, I imagined the characters and visuals in my mind were that of the movie including all the actors. This does not happen often but since I saw all three of the movies; they can leave an impression and I think the movies were well adapted. Actually, the books made me want to watch the movies again.

    In TTT and ROTK, I found the Gandalf, Aragorn and Co. sections moving more quickly than the Frodo and Sam one. I like Sam, but there seemed to be less stuff happening when it was that particular quest. I found myself more engaged in the plot of those characters. I once read that Tolkien was quite religious and the trilogy has much Christian imagery specifically, Catholic bend to it. I saw this in the reverence the characters have for Galadriel, often referred to as the Lady, striking a resemblance to Mary, mother of God. This adds another interesting layer to the books  as I am someone who does not mind religious imagery if the book is meritiorous.

    Overall, I am rather indifferent to this trilogy; I do not dislike it, but I do not love it. I think it definitely has its merits from the sheer fantasty epicness and commitment to adventure and ground breaking world creation. I am just not in love with this series as others are and it was slow reading for some parts of the trilogy. After all, I did put it on hold for six years at one point. Having said that, I can understand why it is so well loved.