Day: May 27, 2012

Sunday Salon

Managed to read two books since last Sunday. Both Georgette Heyer and the Heyerathon continues as I am finishing The Masqueraders. All the gender bending and cross dressing in Heyer had me rewatching Amanda Bynes’s She’s the Man (love Twelfth Night play) this week. Also, starting j-drama Hana Kimi.

A couple questions for this Sunday. Does anyone access this post from the Yahoo!Pipes or the RSS Sunday Salon feed? I’ve been trying to figure out if that works. I post my links to the FB group but I wonder if the original SS feed works at all and if anyone uses it since I couldn’t manage to a few weeks ago.

Secondly, I think I will be joining the Classics Club to read 50 classic books in five years. My problem now is to develop my list. I’m going to make the list more than 50 (perhaps 60 or 65) so that I can have some legroom. I am not good at planning my life that far ahead, so this will be a challenge.

Please list me suggestions of ‘classic’ books you like and that I could read. I’ve read a fair number so far, so the more suggestions, the better. Thank you!

Happy reading, everyone!