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    Sunday Salon: June Book Fairs

    Sunday Salon

    This week, I read two books. One was the Jungle Book and the other was Heyer’s The Convenient Marriage. The latter’s post was scheduled incorrectly and the review will be up tomorrow.

    Today, I plan on starting and reading Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a few years as I have liked Hardy though I do find a lot of his works difficult because of the tragedies he usually puts in the books. I feel Tess will probably be hard especially since it concerns women’s place in Victorian society.

    After that, I will read another Heyer. For my next Classics Club and Victorian Challenge read, I will probably go with George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss. I have also been meaning to read this for years and semi-avoiding it since I saw the adaptation before I knew of the book.

    In other book news, I went to used book fair on Wednesday and I plan on going to another one on Saturday. I didn’t do any used book shopping in 2011, and book blogging has me back on it. I’m excited by the one on Saturday because the last time I went a few years ago, I got lots of books. Hopefully the selection will be as good this year. I have already started a haul post since I want to share what I got.

    That’s it for this Sunday. What are you reading today? I hope everyone has a good week. Happy reading!