Sunday Salon: Cloud Atlas

Sunday Salon

Hello, everyone!

This past week my review of Ex Libris was posted. I posted beauty reviews of my favourite hand creams and first impressions of two Lioele BB creams. Finally, I featured my finish Shedir hat.

This weekend I am finally finishing Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I started this all the way back in October, but I’ve mostly put it aside in my kindle as library books and other things have gotten in the way. The book finally got very suspenseful and gripping last night around 12:30AM. I had been reading it yesterday, and it has been good, but I didn’t know where it was leading too. Now that I know, I can finish it in a couple of hours.

After I finish that, I’ll probably read a nonfiction book or a book from TBR pile. I am doing quite well on my nonfiction challenge this year so far. I’m also reading The Kintting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe on the side to see any additional tips I can bookmark for later.

In non-book news, at the urging of one of my friends, I started watching “Scandal” from season 1 to catching up for next week’s episode. I am not always sold on Shonda Rhimes’s writing, but I must admit the show is addictive and has a relationship with ridiculous chemistry, some of the best on TV.

Now, I must meditate, maybe take some photos, and most of all, read!

What are you reading and doing this Sunday?

Have a good week!


    • athena says:

      Hi Rachel! It was! I started it in October and kept putting it aside, but I didn’t realize how long it really was because I had it in ebook. I’m glad to be done. I do recommend it though. Thanks and have a good week!

    • athena says:

      Hi Susan! I enjoyed the book and have heard mostly good things about it. The movie got polarized reviews, and if watched before the book probably wouldn’t be liked. It’s an usual film. Here’s my review of both things. Have a good weekend!

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