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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

What are your favourite colours for knitted or crocheted projects. Have a think about what colours you seem to favour when yarn shopping and crafting.

Only after writing this part of your post should you then actually look to see what colours you have used in your projects. Make a quick tally of what colours you have used in your projects over the past year and compare it to the colours you have written about. Compare this, in turn, to the colours that are most dominant in your yarn stash – do they correlate?

Now think back to your house animal – do the colours you have chosen relate to your animal in anyway – if you are in the house of peacock, for example, are your projects often multicoloured and bright?

I am starting Knitting and Crochet Blog Week a few days late on Day 4. This colour question is always pertinent. I love colour and knitting has definitely opened my mind what I colours can and can not use, together or separate. Since I knit mostly for myself, I try to find colours that would look good on me.

Colours I seem to favour: Red, Purple, Blue, as well as neutrals like White and Grey.

This post is a bit image heavy.

Like many knitters, especially those that knit socks, I like variegated yarns:

Herbivore Drops Fabel Socks

Noro Kureyon Scarf Decadence

I love the rainbow Kauni yarn:

Woodland Shawl Lacy Baktus

Margot Stripe Study Shawl

Still, solids and semi-solids are still my go to for clothing and most accessories. There is one colour that has appeared a lot in my hand knits:

Buttercup Cabled Yoke Pullover

Golden Wheat Cardigan Baby Cables and Big Ones Too

Purple. I did not really do this on purpose. Most of my purple pullovers and cardigans were bought with yarn that was on sale. It seems other people don’t like purple as much. I’ve grown to like it because of knitting, and purple is one of the colours people say I look good in.

I also really like red and blue:

Idlewood For sooth, tis a tudora.

I actually have a lot of red yarn in the stash right now, enough for about 3-5 sweaters/cardigans. I’m not kidding. As I was trying to branch out of purple, I landed in red which is another colour that I’ve always liked and luckily, looks good on me. Also any blues or blue-greens like turquoise and teal, I try to look for.

The only colour that I can’t really wear are pastels, certain shades of yellow and orange. I’ve grown to like orange, but it really does not look good on me. I have some orange yarn which I will probably make into socks.

This post is getting long, but suffice it to say, my stash does correlate now. I also try to get more grey and white since I know those go with most things and my colour can take on pure white and black. I have never knit with black though. I have been thinking of black socks lately. My socks tend to use many varied colours because that is what is so wonderful about sock yarn to begin with.

What colours are in your FOs and stash?

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