1001 Books Before You Die Challenge


A life long reading challenge to read books from Peter Boxall’s 1001 Books Before You Die Challenge. I’ve joined this challenge before in other forms, but this will be my definitive Master List post. For the purposes of variety, I include books that have been listed in all three editions (1305 books). This challenge is a good overlap to the Classics Club and all the other ongoing reading challenges I am doing.

Interestingly, this list has a few of the most boring books I have ever read, but largely, it also has a few of the best books I ever read. There are many books on the lists that I have no intention of reading anytime, but for the most part, there are some good recommendations in this list.

I’ve wanted to join this challenge for a few months, but I had to make time to update my list of books read for the challenge.

The following are a list of books I have read from any of the edition. This post will be updated whenever I finish a books/find the time.
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Booking Through Thursday – Choosing

What makes you choose the books you read?
Genre? Reviews? Certain authors? Covers? Recommendations? – BTT

All of the above and more. While I no longer browse book stores and libraries as much as I use to, I do find myself looking at books others read on GoodReads or on the library catalogue website.

I do find Reviews or Recommendations the strongest. Word of Mouth is easiest, and I will often read books by authors I have read before. I am quite loyal that way.

In the past, I have selected books for their covers, but I am less likely to do that now as I have so many other books to choose from.

How about you?

Monthly Movies – May 2013

For the last couple of months, I’ve been watching mostly TV and rewatching movies and shows. I don’t think I watched a new movie for almost two months until War Horse.

War Horse (18 05 2013) – Review Here.

Kinky Boots (25 05 13) – I remember seeing the trailer for this back in 2005 o 2006. I’ve liked Chiwetel Ejiofor since Dirty Pretty Things and the man should be more famous. He is wonderful in this film. It is fun and underrated. The romance aspect of the movie is a bit trite and boring though. It should have just focused mainly on Ejiofor’s character Simon/Lola and the friendship with Charlie Price. I would still recommend this film just for people to see Eliofor.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (26 05 13) – I could have watched something funnier, but I just wanted something to knit along to for a Sunday night. Since I’ve read the book and seen the original Swedish movie, I thought it would require less attention. I’ve had the movie for awhile too because I adore Daniel Craig. I would watch a whole movie of him and that cat. It was interesting and realistic to see people smoking for once in an American movie. In any case, great acting all around. While I loved Noomi Rapace’s acting, Rooney did a great job here too. She was physically very Lisebeth. I felt the Mickael/Lisbeth hookup was rushed in this film compared to the other one, but these two actors had more chemistry than the first film. I was not crazy about the music. They changed the ending and some of the details, but they elaborated on the ending a bit more. Then it ended rather abruptly just like in the book. I think overall, the Swedish version does edge out this one. I’ll watch the sequel, but I really only liked parts 1 and 3 of the series.

Notably Rewatched

Howl’s Moving Castle – Hayao Miyazaki is one of the few people I consider geniuses. His movies touch me and make me feel good without being too contrived or cliched. He really captures imagination and creativity. I’ve been rewatching a lot of his movies in the last year, and not sure which to pick next. Though none of them can do wrong. The movie reminds me that I should read the book one day.

Sunday Salon: Rain in June

Sunday Salon

Hello, all!

It’s been a very wet couple of weeks. A couple of sunny days early in the week, but mostly wet and humid the rest of the way. I was even caught in the rain yesterday. I had an umbrella, but that didn’t stop my backpack, shoes and most of my clothing from being soaked. I threw out the umbrella when I got home.

Reading wise, I’ve queued up books for June, but didn’t start a book until yesterday. Clash of Kings is the read for this weekend.

I will also need to read two books for the Classics Club this month. This weekend was my first anniversary of the challenge. I’ve read 13 books out of the minimum 50 books. I know if I dedicate more time to completing that challenge over others, I can complete it quickly. I am taking it slowly though, but it is always at the back of my reading mind.

Fitness: Not that great with the rain. I ran three times this past week, but not very much each time. The last time, I became very red and overheated because it was so hot and humid even at 8pm at night.

Today, more reading, maybe a walk but not a run and then a dinner out. I’ve eaten out a lot now that it’s warmer. That means I should exercise more. But first some reading and knitting!

Have a good week, everyone!