Day: September 12, 2013

How much do you visualize when you read? Do you imagine faces for the characters? Can you see the locations in your mind’s eye? Or do you just plunge ahead with the story, letting the imagery fall to the wayside? – BTT

I don’t know how one let’s imagery fall at the wayside. Isn’t it natural to be immersed in the world of the books especially when it is fiction? Imagining these things is my default. I do find it harder to get visuals on the faces of the characters. Unlike some others, none of the characters look like anyone else I know or celebrities. I often do not have ‘picks’ on who I would like to be in the role. Much like my dreams where there are more strangers than people with familiar faces!

When reading a good book, it should play as a movie in your head and a good writing will grab you so you can plunge into the deep end.

How about your reading visuals?