FO Friday: Antifreeze

IMG_2093Last summer, I started riding my bike for the first time in over 15 years. I really enjoyed it as I commuted to work. As the weather got colder, so did my face! I am not even a fast cyclist and quite slow really. I still need something to protect my face on early morning bike rides. I also thought it would could double as a running balaclava.

As with others on Ravelry, I was not that satisfied with the face opening or shaping. I tried to modify it, but it was still too big. I would have tried to make the face hole even smaller except I was running out of yarn. I quickly did a round of single rib to finish it off. I did like the addition of the strap holes and instead of two pigtail holes, I put one ponytail in the back.
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FO Fridays: GAP-tastic Cowl

Gap-tastic CowlI wanted a giant cowl to go with my first leather jacket. I’ve had this pattern queued up for awhile now. It was between this or the Herringbone Cowl, but this one won over by being reversible and textured. I did forgot how boring it was to knit moss st/single rib though.
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FO Fridays: Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern

Shell Pattern Socks

Nothing like an easy peasy pair of lace socks to get me through summer. I worked on most of this in August. This is at least better than the Girasole blanket of last year. I’m starting to become one of those knitters who does not really knit in the summers. I spent much of this summer outdoors which is great.

In any case, my third pair of socks of this year. I always like knitting socks. In some ways, they are the ultimate kind of projects for me: not too easy, not too difficult, comforting, not too big, not too small, and most of all, useful.

I went back to my favourite sock pattern designer for these. I love this Nancy Bush book. I’ve made more things from Knitting Vintage Socks than any other knitting resource. With the cashmere and wool in these socks, I think they will be one of my favourite winter house socks.

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FO Fridays: Welsh Country Stockings

Welsh Country Stockings

This was first time completing fair isle on socks after failing to do so three years ago with the same white yarn. Nancy Bush is my favourite sock designer even though I always modify her parents a lot. Maybe part of the reason I love her that her patterns are easily adaptable. I converted this pair to be toe-up.

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FO Fridays: Amstel Hat

Amstel Hat

When I saw this in the magazine, I thought it would be really suitable for my friend G who had requested a hat for her belated birthday gift. She really liked it and even has a wool scarf of the same colour.

This hat took one lazy Good Friday to make as I watched several shows. This was a true stashbuster as I used Patons Classic Wool leftovers from some legwarmers I made for another friend. I don’t look very good in orange so if G hadn’t like this hat, I’m giving it away to someone else.

Amstel Hat

Amstel Hat, started March 29th 2013 AM, finished March 29th 2013 PM.Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Amstel Hat by Courtney Kelley from Interweave Knits, Fall 2012.Ravelry Pattern Page
Made for: G
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool – old yardage: 223yds/100g – Paprika – had 56g (124yds) and used all but 2g.
Needles: #8/5.0mm for body and #6/4.0mm for brim long circs
Modifications & Notes:

  • Techknitter’s Disappearing Loop Cast On
  • Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy BO
  • No other mods, but my gauge was tighter, probably 18 sts = 4”/10cm so it is a small beret.

Cost of Project: None as the yarn itself was a gift.
Would I knit it again? Sure, but it would need to be bigger for my own head and hair. Not really my style either, but quick and easy pattern.
Helpful Links: Techknitter’s Disappearing Loop Cast On and Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretchy BO.

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FO Fridays: Buttercup


This project used the frogged yarn from Paris. I wanted something with positive ease for this yarn with lots of nice drape. I also wanted something with a good neckline. I must admit my neckline is a bit bigger than in the pattern, but it’s within reason and I can wear a tank top underneath. It is warm and light.


Buttercup, started January 24th 2013, finished March 13th 2013.Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier Ravelry Pattern Page
Size: Small.
Sleeves: 17cm/7”
Underarm to hem: 42cm/16”
Bust: 40cm/15.5”
Neckline: 22cm/8.5” W x 15.5cm/6”
Yarn: Inca Gold Baby Alpaca by Susan Andrew Collection – 100% baby alpaca – 200yds/50grams – used 175g or about 4 skeins out of my 6
Needles: #4/3.5mm long circ for body and #3/3.25mm long circ and DPNs for sideways garter rib and neck
Modifications & Notes:

  • Cast on front piece with Cable Cast-On
  • No waist increases.
  • As PiPiBird’s variation on Ravelry: Knit “k4, k2tog” in the penultimate round of body. Knit another round and then did sideways garter rib: CO 14 sts on 3.25mm and knit last stitch with one stitch from the body.
  • Lengthen sleeves to about 36 rows and knit “k2, k2tog” for penultimate row. CO 12 st 3.25mm for sideways garter border for sleeves.

Lessons Learned: Sideways garter rib.
Cost of Project: Around $20-25 for the 4 skeins I think.
Would I knit it again? Doubtful that I would need 2 of these, but this pattern is easy, attractive and appealing especially as written as the sideways garter was fiddly. I recommend it.

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FO Fridays: Vertizags

Vertizags Socks

These were my first pair of socks in 14 months. I have a lot of handknit socks. I can churn a pair of my own socks in 2-3 weeks while working since I knit them two at time. I have over two dozen pairs of handknit socks so I stopped making them for awhile. Of course, I started up again because I have to knit more for my two scrap sock yarn blankets. Also, I do enjoy sock knitting. These were for two Ravelry groups: Sock Knitters Anonymous Sockdown February 2013: Underappreciated Patterns & Solid Socks Feb 2013: Mountain/Forest.

Vertizags, started February 1st 2013, finished February 21st 2013.Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Vertizags by Megan S. Wright Ravelry Pattern Page
Size: My size: US 6.5/UK 4/EUR 37 with 4″ leg.
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids & Quatro Colors – Moss 5612 – 100g/ 437yds – Have heard some good things about this yarn and knits up well for a sock yarn. Yarn bled green yellow water, but not too bad. It’s affordable so I hope it wears and washes well since I just bought more to make a cardigan.
Needles: 2.25mm/US#1 – 100cm/40″ long HH circs
Modifications & Notes:

  • Two at a time on ML
  • Toe increases made with La-Link and La-Rink from Cat Bordhi’s: k1, La-Link, knit to last stitch, La-Rink, K1. Repeat on second needle.
  • Note to self: Start gusset when feel at 6.5″ next time as 6.75″ is too long in a stretchy sock pattern. It’s been awhile since I’ve knit socks so I forgot about when to stop for my foot length.
  • Used Cat Bordhi’s W&T technique where you lift the wrap over the stitch and ktbl.
  • Bind off with JSSBO

Lessons Learned: It was my first time doing heel flap socks from the toe-up: Heel flap was alright, but the short rows didn’t work out as cleanly based on how it is written. Also, I wouldn’t use KFB on gusset next time as it leaves a small hole. Will stick to gusset style heels for toe-up socks from now on.
Cost of Project: $8 for yarn.
Would I knit it again? No, but it’s a cute pattern and a good way to learn a new toe-up heel.
Helpful Links: See Notes.

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FO Friday: Cable Braided Necklace

Cabled Necklace

Another stashbusting project. This Cable Braided Necklace took less than two hours from start to finish, most of the time was spent allowing it to dry. It doubles as a headband.

Will I wear this? Unsure, but it is quite cute and a nice way to use up yarn.

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FO Fridays: Shedir

Shedir IIThis is my second Shedir. My first Shedir was made over five years ago. I really liked this pattern the first time, and it is one of the items that many knitters and non-knitters alike remark on. I only did the main cable repeat 4 times because a lot of people said the hat was too long. It was a tad too short as it barely touched my ears. It was a beanie and I needed more of a toque. It is warm and light though.

Shedir IISecondly, since this has been my favourite winter hat, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it so it has felted over time. When I bought this oddball of Felted Tweed probably in 2008, I had a feeling that I would knit this pattern again.
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FO Friday: 2012 Review

Flickr Slide show (does not include all projects done in 2012).

A year end review of the items I made in 2012. This was my sixth year of knitting. I completed 10 projects (worked on 13). Compare that to the 33 I completed in 2011, the 2012 number is very low.

I do still love to knit, but this year, I’ve taken on more hobbies. I’ve gone back to blogging, reading more, played badminton for a bit, tried to spin for a bit too, play the violin again, socialise and much more. All of this means I am spread more thinly in my leisure time, and honestly, that’s alright. I think I knit so much the last couple of years 2010 and 2011 – especially, the big three S’s: sweaters, scarves/shawls, and socks – that I will have enough handknits to last me awhile. I just am more careful about the projects I start, and I don’t feel the need to start projects as quickly after completing them.

The problem is that I still continue to accumulate a lot of yarn. Not as much as when I knit more before, but still a good amount. This year had me joining the Hazel Knits sock club for a couple of months and the occasional yarn purchase. I also took up spinning briefly which means I now have a small spinning stash of fleece and roving.

Here’s a summary and notes of the projects of this year.

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FO Fridays: Tiny Shoes

Tiny Shoes

This was a complete and utter stashbuster. I really don’t know of any girl babies, and I just made this since I had the pattern book and the yarn. It turned out a bit meh to be honest even for a knit that took only a couple of hours at most. They are tad big at the ankle. I made a size small, but because of the sport weight yarn, they are actually the large size from the pattern.

Tiny Shoes, started December 4th 2012, finished December 8th 2012. Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Tiny Shoes by Ysolda Teague from Whimsical Little Knits Ravelry Pattern Page
Size: 4″/10cm at the sole
Yarn: Leftover Louet Gem Sports Weight in Linen Grey – Love this yarn! It is soft and has a lovely twist.
Needles: 3.0mm/US#2.5 100cm bamboob circulars
Modifications & Notes: Cable Cast on for new stitches. Garter Stitch Kitchener. Made size S, but I had sport yarn. Blocked by washing it, rolling it up, and then stuffing it with plastic wrappers. Storing it stuffed with tissue paper.
Tools/Notions: Two shell buttons.
Cost of Project: Can’t really calculate since I used all leftovers. Maybe the buttons are like 40p each based on the set I got them.
Would I knit it again? No. I’m not sure what it is, but these aren’t that good of booties.
Helpful Links: Garter Stitch Kitchener

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FO Fridays: Paper Totoros

Paper Totoros

This Totoro version of the Paper Dolls sweater is something I have wanted to do for a couple years now. After rewatching My Neighbor Totoro, it was definitely time to make this sweater. This is my homage to Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki.

It didn’t quite work quite like I wanted it to. Mainly that even though I was at gauge, my yoke ended up a bit tighter, but I think worse of all, the underarm and sleeve cap is tiny. I’ve found that small arms are an issue with Kate Davies patterns. I can just get away with it because I don’t have big arms to begin with. It doesn’t look tight, but the upper arms are very restrictive. Relative to the upper body, the torso is on the looser side actually. I did extra waist decreases, but it still gave me some positive ease.

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