Day: April 19, 2007

Okay, there must be something you read that’s a guilty pleasure . . . a Harlequin romance stashed under the mattress. A cheesy sci-fi book tucked in the back of the freezer. A celebrity biography, a phoned-in Western . . . something that you’d really rather not be spotted reading. Even just a novel if you’re a die-hard non-fiction fan. Come on, confess. We won’t hold it against you!Booking Through Thursday

I don’t read romance, westerns or “cheesy sci-fi”. I don’t even read mystery. My friend actually said I read a lot of bestsellers, which is somewhat true and somewhat not. I do read chicklit, but I’m not ashamed of it. The one thing I would say that I am ashamed of is that not only have I read The Da Vinci Code, but I’ve also read Dan Brown’s first in the Robert Langdon series Angels & Demons… and I’m probably going to read the third book. I don’t like his writing; it’s tacky and full of sensationalism, but I usually start what I finish in book series. There are other stupid reasons, but I’ll spare you.

Today, I am trying to do a lot of things include read (which I’ve been unable to do for the last two days), watch a movie that I must return tomorrow, and try to get as much done on the clapotis.