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    Friday’s Feast 140

    Appetizer – What is your favorite kind of bread?

    Whole wheat, brown. I like banana bread, poppyseed, freshly baked, home made, etc. I like baguettes, garlic bread… I do like baking. Bread is quite interesting.

    Soup -When was the last time you bought a new pillow?

    A year to two years ago. It’s a Martha Stewart pillow; it’s okay. I want to try one of those ergonomic or specialty pillows.

    Salad – Approximated how many hours per week do you spend surfing the ‘net?

    A lot. This is my main device for procrastination.

    Main Course – What’s the highest you remember your temperature being?

    I remember hitting 38.5’C once.

    Dessert – Fill in the blank: When I ____________ I _____________.

    When I write fiction I never seem to finish it.