Day: January 4, 2008

A graphic novel about the eponymous character looking for love at what might be the end of the world. My first exposure to Daniel Clowes’s work, and even though I may not love this graphic novel, it was definitely interesting and I look forward to reading Ghost World (I liked the movie). DB is modern, has subtle characterizations, but the minute details and the style of the illustrations really draws you in. It’s alienation and the search for love in the 21st century with a large dose of black humor involved. Having read Shortcomings the day before, the two have very similar styles in plot, characters, and storytelling. Adrian Tomine and I suspect other young graphic novelists are influenced by Clowe’s modern stylings and characterizations. I did not really feel too much for the characters, but I did find David intriguing. Maybe it was his constant searchings for love, his father, and the end of the story. The graphic novel is a bit meta which I tend to like.