Day: June 9, 2008

Stephenie Meyer of the Twilight series new adult sci-fi/romance. It was a bit slow in the first couple of chapters (and in the middle even), but then it paced itself eventually, and I really liked it by the end. Meyer is starting to become such a feel good novelist in my eyes. She has that talent of making supernatural and fantasy series so character driven and compelling in a way that most aren’t. While still being predictable at times, I was thoroughly engaged with the characters and the plot as usual. There is a really absorbing love triangle (or should I say square?) in the book that exceeds the one in Twilight in my humble opinion. It’s more complicated and strange. The book can be philosophical as well. It has themes of identity and humanity.

Meyer’s books can be so reassuring. While they can be violent and have twisted turns and drama, the ending always ends up optimistic and many of the “bad” characters end up becoming sympathetic. There is a definite gray area in this book, but without being too convoluted. Many loose ends are tied up by the end of her novels, and the ones that do not are open to sequels. I now can say I look forward to any of Meyer’s books.

On a final note, I am pleased to say that even though this hard cover is 619 pages, I read it in seven hours. Go me. I would love to read even faster.