Day: June 17, 2008

My favourite travel essay anthology series. Okay. The only travel essay anthology series that I read. Still, I’ve read every book in the series since 2002. I enjoy each one immensely. Some stories are more memorable than others, but each guest editor deftly chooses some gems and amazing stories from the lands afar. I love travel writing due to my incessant escapism so these stories are the best from periodicals and the like. In the 2007 edition guest edited by Susan Orlean, there is the story of Tokelau and its referendum for nation building in the South Pacific, Djibouti and its national addiction to khat, an idyllic walking holiday in the south of France, a particularly long article on mysterious and perplexing Libya, and more. This is not much of a review because I find that I consistently like each volume in the series which has humor, horror, romance, and travely self-discovery. I recommend the series as a whole.