Day: August 20, 2013

Another cross-dressing romantic romp in the Regency era.

Georgette Heyer’s heroines generally fall into two categories:

1) Young, spirited and childlike girl who sometimes cross dresses (These Old Shades, this book, Masqueraders)
2) Mature and more sensible lady (Lady of Quality, A Civil Contract, Arabella)

There is some overlap and all are usually rebellious or headstrong. Still, can you guess which one I prefer? Not to say the more ingenues are bad, but they sometimes lack sense. I find myself less patient with them. On the other hand, they are usually balanced out by a very good lead as was the case in this book.

As I’ve said before, there are only a few instances when I like the romantic leads equally in Heyer books. It’s only happened about three or four out of the 19 Heyer books I’ve read so far. This one is one of the latter.

This book was very much like These Old Shades. It had a lot of twists and complications including disguises, thievery, elopement and murder. It ran the gambit. It was amusing to watch Sir Richard in it all, but not my favourite Heyer really.

I still love Heyer books and they are perfect for summer. Now, I’ve started up with her novels again, I loaded about eight more of her books onto the Kindle.

Read on the Kindle August 17-18th 2013.