Day: August 27, 2013

Once I start with Heyer, I find it hard to stop. Her world is distinct and comforting. The novels are often predictable, but the characters are fun and sometimes sweet. I liked this novel’s lead as well. The idea of a slight, quiet soldier who comes home to become an Earl. He seems almost like an everyman in some ways. I also liked the female lead and again, my frequent complaint was that there was not enough of her.

Similar to other Heyer novels I’ve been reading lately, this was mostly mystery with some romance. Still, the little there was of the romance was rather nice. There was better build up in this one and the heroine is brave in her own way. She rescues and aids the hero several times. Heyer demonstrates how compatible they are. I always like how Heyer brings the couple together.

Heyer’s villains are always sent away or forgiven which is ludicrous because sometimes they are really dangerous and sociopathic. It makes reading these books even more funny and unrealistic.

One other reason I am reading the Heyer books is that they are really easy to read. The pacing is usually quick without being break neck and she has lovely archaic diction in it. The safe atmosphere makes them easy to pick up. I read this one on a trip to and from Montreal for the weekend. I have also been reading a lot of Heyer lately because work has been slow in the beginning.

Read on Kindle August 24-25th 2013