Day: August 15, 2014

This is the eighth book in the Outlander series. I honestly can’t believe I’ve read all the books to this series.

I now moderate an Outlander forum so I had to catch up for the show’s airing. Great start to the show by the way.

As for this novel, I feel the first couple of books were my favourites. I think the first novel is the most tightly written. Each of them subsequently have become more and more sprawling. There are a lot of narratives and it can often drag in the middle.

Case in point, I did not always like how various characters and families were split apart. I also did not like William or care about his struggles.

On a more positive note, Gabaldon’s novels usually end on a high or on a plot hanger. This one was the former. Ultimately, these books are about family and marriage in extreme circumstances. I really enjoyed the every day moments featured at the end. So much so that I will read the next book.

I have given up on other series before, but Gabaldon’s writing just makes it so that I still hang out every time I finish.

Read on August 3rd-14th, 2014.