Day: January 13, 2016

An actor friend of mine recommended this book to me. I am glad for the recommendation and I was going to read this book any way. The Princess Bride is one of my favourite movies.

For any fan of the movie, some of the stories here about making the movie are not new or a surprise. However, it’s still lovely to read the stories about this movie. It seemed like a great cast, crew, production, and all around great movie experience. What I liked most was the stories about André the Giant. He really exemplified his character more than any other as a gentle giant.

After I read this book, I immediately rewatched the movie and that always makes me smile. As Reiner and Elwes discuss in the book, the movie worked largely because the cast played it so straight and so sincere. There is straight forward story telling that comes off so well.

Read January 7-9, 2016.