Day: May 8, 2016

I read this book because the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation looked like something I wanted to see. The reviews for the book were good. I was more or less spoiled for the ending once I read the summary. As a result, I did not cry, but that does not mean I did not like it.

I did like this book because while I didn’t love the characters early on, this is a novel with definite character development. It is overt with the plot, but it’s definitely there. The protagonist is shaped through the process and so are the other characters. I will say that some of the characters were flat and I was indifferent to most of them at the start including Lou. She was not easy to relate to at first. Secondly the dialogue and the prose were serviceable, but not noticeably special.

Still, the strength of the novel is its characters and its relationship. Lou grows on you. Since I knew Emilia Clarke would be in the role, I had no problem imagining her when I read the book. I think Clarke’s Lou will be more funny and charming.

In fact, I have a feeling I may like the movie as much if not more than the book. This plot is very typical of a sappy romance movie. Based on the trailer, it seems that they made all the characters from the novel more likeable. The best part is that Clarke and Sam Claifin look like they have a lot of chemistry which I would buy. This is a romance novel and the story hinges on that relationship.

I know the sequel will probably not be as good, but I still look forward to see Lou’s life after the events of this novel. Furthermore, I am eager to see the movie.

Read May 3, 2016 on Kindle.