Month: July 2016

It is always a bit difficult to review a book of poetry and personal essays. The work is subjective and this one in particular has a singular voice.

Not being American or black, I can not fully understand or empathize with all the experiences in this book. As a visible minority and as a human being with feelings, I can sympathize in more ways than one.

The prose and words are powerful in this book. Rankine uses images and second personal narrative to put yourself in her shoes and others who have been marginalized. It is raw. The words are unencumbered. They are emotional in their simplicity.

I found the works in this book disturbing and provocative in the best way. I was at times angry, sad, upset, and uncomfortable while reading this book. That is not often. I also loved how much it made me feel and think.

I highly recommend this work.

Read July 13, 2016.

It has been six years since I first read the Millenium trilogy. I remember devouring the books and being disappointed when I finished them. While they had their flaws and melodramaic moments, I enjoyed the characters. I think Lisbeth Salander was a memorable modern literary heroine.

When I heard this novel was going to be made, I had mixed feelings especially considering the estate battle that went on between Larson’s family (his father and brother) and his long term partner who allegedly owns a fourth manuscript. Lagercrantz was supported by the formal estate from the family. Profit is definitely a motivation here.

In any case, this novel took me much longer than to read than I thought. Four days is a long time for a thriller book for me especially considering how I devoured the first three Millennium books. I did like the ending and I think both Lagercrantz did Lisbeth and Mikael justice to a certain extent. While I didn’t think it was a perfect continuation, I’m glad it was not suppose to be.

Overall, I think for fans of the Millenium trilogy, this is an alright attempt to continue that universe. I am someone who has no problem with published “fanfic” as it were. I also think I would continue reading this series if Lagercrantz were to continue. Not a perfect novel, but serviceable for those of us who like the characters.

Read July 4-8, 2016.

I have read many of Sophie Kinsella’s novels. Most of them are rather forgettable and not always worth the pick up. However, there is something nice and frothy about her style when she is good.

This is the eighth novel in the Shopaholic series. I did not read the last one, but I have read most of the other books in this series. At least Becky (Bloomwood) Brandon has developed as a character over the course of the books. Secondly, I think Kinsella is particularly funny when writing dialogue and situations for these characters. I had a good laugh during one scene of this book.

The writing in these books is nothing to wax poetic about. Sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. There were definite plot holes in this novel, but this is chicklit. I want a laugh and a quick read. For that reason, this worked. I will still probably read more Kinsella and anticipate more mixed results. That’s not to the worse thing in my reading life though.

Read June 25- July 1, 2016 (mostly July 1).