Month: September 2016

Hello! If you visited this blog and website for the last month, you may have found it unreachable. Now, I have returned and my posts are still here! Yay!

I am generously hosted by a friend of mine who has a reseller account for an web host called A Small Orange. We’ve been with this host for over a decade. I was unable to use FTP or my CPanel and had NO access to my domain at all. A Small Orange did not reply to our emails, twitter, etc. It was acquired by another company not too long ago and since then, it’s gone downhill. As a result, I lost access to all my original files which is sad since some of my files on the domain go back to 2001 including my teenage blog! I may have those files saved elsewhere, but I am generally not that maudlin anymore.

In any case, I did have a couple of backup plugins and one of them did save most of my WordPress files including the SQL data file with all my 900+ posts. We moved to a new webhost, but it was NOT a smooth journey to reinstall everything. In the end, with some help from someone on WordPress Support forums, I am back!

September has been a busy month for me and I did not read as many books as I would have liked. I am continuing to read the New Yorker. I have drafted some posts on it and skin care while this domain was offline. New posts will be coming soon and I hope to have better news to share with you all in October.

All the best! Happy autumn!