Day: July 29, 2023

Chinatown Pretty: Fashion and Wisdom from Chinatown’s Most Stylish Seniors by Andria Lo and Valerie Luu

This was a pre-bedtime slow read. This is a photography book featuring the portraits and stories of seniors from Chinatowns across North America. Like the authors, I’ve also noticed this style in this community. My late mother was on the way to adopting this style completely. It’s a great book featuring really moving and touching stories of migrants who have made their lives here.

4.25/5 stars. Read June 8-July 1, 2023.

Nimona by N. D. Stevenson

Funny and great storytelling. I did find the font very small though. It’s not my favourite visual graphic novel but the characters made up for it. I wish there had been more.

4/5 stars. Read July 2, 2023.

The Tea Dragon Festival (Tea Dragon, #2) by Katie O’Neill

Such a a lovely and wholesome series. I like that the universe keeps expanding and it’s pleasant. I love dragons. I need this kind of gentle reading these days.

4.25/5 stars. Read July 7, 2023.

DNF: Selected Poems by Walt Whitman

Did not finish. I found this book and Leaves of Grass a few weeks ago as I have been decluttering my book collection. I read a couple from this book and decided that there was no way I would read the whole of Leaves of Grass. I put that in a Little Library. I remember liking Walt Whitman years ago but as I went through these books, I didn’t find it engaging. I kept trying but I have too many other books that I want to read.

Anne of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery

I found two copies of this book last year. This edition was from a public school and had the 90s cover which I remember seeing as a kid. I really enjoyed this installment and one aspect made me laugh out loud very hard. I love Anne as a character. I was having a couple of rough days when I read this which likely affected my enjoyment. I debated about giving this 5 stars but while I loved the experience, I don’t think I will reread this book. I will likely give the whole series 5 stars.

4.5/5 stars. Read July 8-10, 2023.

Heartstopper, Volumes 1-2 by Alice Oseman.

The first volume took ages to come to me from the library. After that first one, I decided to get it via express ebook from my library. I quite liked using my iPad for graphic novels. Lovely, wholesome, light hearted goodness.

Both 4/5 stars. Read July 13, 2023 in book (vol 1) and ebook (vol 2).