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Lansinoh Lanolin

Lansinoh Lanolin has had a high rating and repurchase rate on MUA for awhile now. I’ve known about it for a year, but was hesitant to purchase it just as a lip balm for the night. Still, after working the calculations, the quality of the product and how long it would last (one 56g tube, probably over a year), it is better value than most lip balms and the Vaseline I was using on lips before at night.

This makes my lips feel and look fuller the next morning. I barely use a lentil size drop on my lips. Also, I never have to use a lip scrub since this product makes it easier for me to exfoliate my lips the next morning. My lips are better than ever with this product.

Lanolin is the sheep’s version of sebum, the human oil which moisturizes our skin. When you consider you are paying for 100% pure, medical grade lanolin that is safe for babies and everyone else, it’s worth it. I have only used this on my lips though other people like it for their cuticles, feet, and the advertised, as a nipple cream.

Price: $12.99CAD before tax for 2 oz/56g tube at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. This is the only place I found it out of Wal-Mart, Loblaws/Superstore, and Rexall. It was found in the baby aisle.


  • Moisturizing and unlike Vaseline/Petrolatum jelly based balms, it covers and absorbs into your skin and lips
  • Long Lasting and thick
  • A little goes a long way
  • Scentless – Some people may disagree. I am biased since I work with lanolin enriched wool frequently so I don’t even notice it
  • Shiny, can be used sparingly as a gloss and lip stick base
  • Multipurpose – lips, cuticles, elbows, stretch marks, hands, etc.
  • 100% pure medical grade lanolin, safe enough for babies.


  • Just a tad sticky
  • Thick and hard to push out of the tube if store in a cold room
  • Price
  • Please check as people do have lanolin sensitivity and allergies.

Conclusion: My HG night lip balm. Definite repurchase.