Month: November 2017

John Hodgman is one of my favourite celebrities. This was not always the case; I had read or listened to the audiobook The Areas of my Expertise and liked it alongside his appearances on “The Daily Show”. However, it was not until a few years ago when I started listening to the Judge John Hodgman podcast that I became a true fan. It is hands down, my favourite podcast. He gives funny, sincere, and relatable advise on the show. I find the podcast so soothing yet engaging at the same time. Hodgman is a humanist.

When I heard he was doing a book of memoirs, I knew I had to read it right away. Some of these stories I know already from listening to his podcast, reading his newsletter, and other media, but some of them were new to me. There was one chapter where I laughed and the next I was on the verge of tears. Good stuff.

I probably like the book more because I have been so exposed to Hodgman, but I think there are some lovely and self-aware pieces in it. Hodgman has a way of being keenly aware of himself and observant enough to use it in his humor. It’s self-deprecating but there is a level of humility in there that’s genuine.

Read November 7-15, 2017