Month: August 2021

Devotion of Suspect X

I have heard about this author from a couple of people and decided to finally try it out. It was a good mystery mystery with a very good twist. I like how the author crafted it from the get go. I do not expect as much from mysteries other than to be enthralled for a few hours and this did the job. The only quibble I have with Higashino and other male Japanese authors is how I do not seem to get enough sense of the female characters. All the men are more developed and all the women seem to be thinking.

Read July 14, 2021.

Salvation of A Saint

Since I enjoyed my first Higashino, I was interested to try more. Now that I was more familiar with him, I saw most of the twists coming and early on. That does not negate my enjoyment of books. I like the guesswork. It was mildly predictable as a result. Mostly, I also found myself irked that all the women in these books seem to talk and focus on men. Oh well. They can’t all be Agatha Christie. I do like these books the Japanese culture and sociology. It’s a bit different. On a funny note, the translation had a few grammatical errors and someone had corrected them in pencil in my library copy.

Read Aug 5-7, 2021.

This book is well reviewed and I heard some hype about it. It has a great title and cover. All in all, it was a nice read for me.

I found most of the book a bit slow. The ending really made it for me. It is very sweet and lovely. I do not know if it needed such a long build up. The writing in the good is nice. I think I expected more from the plot and the characters. It got there in the end but it took awhile. I would consider reading from Klune again.

Read June 23-29, 2021.