Day: June 26, 2007

Having just ate lunch, I think I’ll do a book meme. I found this over at Nymeth’s blog.

In the following list of a hundred books, bold the ones you’ve read, mark in blue the ones you want to read, mark in red the ones you don’t want to read, italicize the ones you’ve never heard of, and… well, don’t do anything with the ones you feel indifferent towards, I guess, or that you wouldn’t mind reading but aren’t dying to.

As for my results, I’ve actually heard of all these books and authors. Not that I know the plots of the books. For the most part, I want to read most of the books even if I hadn’t put them in blue. The couple that I have put in red are due to lackluster experiences with the author. For someone who loves Arthurian legends, I have never been able to finish Mists of Avalon.

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Best American Travel WritingHoughton Miffllin publishes annual installments to this series and other ones on genre writing such as mystery, poetry, short stories, science and nature, and others (complete list). The travel writing series began in 2000, and I started reading them a couple years later. I’ve read every single book in this series, and there are always a few gems. Since I do not have the chance to buy and read periodicals and magazines, I find the anthology refreshing. I have read a fair amount of travel writing, and the series always brings out the reasons why I like the stories. There are adventures, food, history, trivia, and most of all, stories and articles about people and characters. In this 2006 edition, I read about a Ukrainian giant, opulent Dubai, Hawaiian water parks and resorts, quiet bourgeois Zurich, and Ian Frazier’s coming of age road trip across America.

I also finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy yesterday. It’s one of those rare books that I don’t really know how to approach with a review or commentary unless I reread and study it in depth.