The callings of the yarn

I am in your stash wanting to be knit

I went to the best yarn store in the region (about 15-20 min drive) to get the Rowan Felted Tweed for my Shedir and possibly some 4ply for a beret, and ended up with all of this. In retrospect, most of the above yarn were impulsive buys. I do intend to use them for possible projects. For example, I can knit a hat with that discounted Rown Silken Tweed, and the three chunky skeins I want to use for Ester. The Rowan 4ply was on sale, but still too expensive for $5/25g in thought, but I can make a beret from each small hank. No idea why I bought the one skein of grey worsted wool other than the fact it was a bargain for $5 as well. As for the superwash sock yarn, no need to explain that I have become a sock knitter and thusly buys sock yarn for no specific pattern or idea. It is affordable sock yarn, I must buy. Even with all the money I have spent on this yarn, I am still in need of worsted weight yarn for my thrummed mittens. I think I will use some aran lopi for it when I go to my LYSes.

As for pattern updates, I am on the foot of my second Monkey Sock; I am definitely finishing this coming week. I have started making a Swell hat for my mom with the left over yarn from the wool hat I made Dad. I don’t think I have enough yarn which means I’ll need to buy some more worsted yarn of complimenting colour because I don’t wan to buy another 100g skein of navy yarn. I intend to start on my Swallowtail Shawl since I have both the needles and the yarn for it, but I know that I will be casting on for the Knitty Knit Along (join and spread the word!) two weeks from now. Shedir takes priority, and Ester (which I am apprehensive about since I purchased chunky 14ply for it).

While at the yarn store, my eyes landed on this very lovely and elegant cabled cape from a Debblie Bliss Cashmerino DK book. The book costs half the yarn in the above picture, but it was a very beautiful pattern. My heart aches for it.

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