Peter Pan in Scarlet

This is the sequel authorised by the Great Ormond Street Hospital which has owned the rights to Peter Pan since J. M. Barrie’s death. Peter Pan is without the doubt one of my favourite books growing up, and it remains a story close to my heart. This sequel was better than Spielberg’s film Hook, and I think I like it better than Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson’s prequel Peter Pan and the Starcatchers. While that book was fine, this one has more heart and more of a sentimental value for me because Geraldine McCaughrean uses the original characters such as Wendy, John, and the Lost Boys. I always have trouble getting into sequels without the original characters being there. This is one of the reasons I don’t like the later Narnia books as much as the first ones; I couldn’t warm to the new kids like I did the original four Pevensie children. Though I really liked The Magician’s Nephew. Though I do think Barry’s and Pearson’s story probably moved a bit faster than this one. This novel was a bit slow in the middle, but I quite liked the end. I also think another big strength in the book is how well she writes the original characters. She really knows the characters; her mimickery of Barrie’s writings and style is good. It’s true to the original which is why I find the book has a certain sweetness and warmth that’s just right as a sequel.

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