The Man Who Never Was

The Man Who Never WasBased on the book of the same name, this film recounts the based on true story tale of the British military’s Operation Mincemeat, a plan to fool the Axis powers that the Allies intended to attack Sardinia and Greece rather than Sicily.  I watched a bit of this film a few weeks ago on TVO’s Saturday Night at the Movies which is a treasure for a classic film lover like me. The film is a little gem of suspense and classic espionage. It doesn’t have a lot of special effects, and though I knew how it would end, the tension build up and drama were just right. I have a thing for spy films so this fits right up my alley. It’s also humorous in the deadpan, ironic British way at times. Though there is a romantic B plot that serves as the fictional drama, it fits seamlessly into the film. In all, the film does not over extend itself to what it really is. A very well adapted, acted, and directed movie about this World War II deception plan. Smart and underrated old flick

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