Anthropologie Inspired Capelet (Cropped Cardigan)


Anthropologie Inspired Capelet (Cropped Cardigan), started October 21, 2007, finished November 2, 2007
Pattern: Antropologie Inspired Capelet from Peony Knits
Yarn: Naturally Yarns Naturelle 14ply (131 yds 100g 100% Pure New Zealand Wool) Shade 551 – less than 3 skeins
Needles: 7mm 100cm circs
Modifications: Lengthened body and sleeves, magic looped the sleeves
Lessons Learned: Well, this is my first sorta real garment, so I was able to see the raglan increases happening
Cost of Project: $15 for the yarn.
Would I knit it again? No, I don’t think so. It’s nice for a beginner, but I’d try to make a better capelet, cardigan or whatnot next time.

Anthropolgie Inspired Capelet (Cropped Cardigan) Hair Record

Pattern Notes and Comments: The yarn was on sale and originally intended for Ester. I decided to make this instead, and I’m not a big fan of the colour, but it’s warm. Since I made it longer, it has no shaping in the arm or the waist. My mother convinced me to lengthen the body so it’s now more of a cropped cardigan than a capelet (but it was also more of a shrug really). The yarn is not superwash so I don’t know how often I’ll wear it. Also, it’s only so so as a piece I’d actually wear, but it is my first real garment since I’ve only done accessories, socks or dishcloths up to this point.

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  • dew

    What’s superwash? I have a knitting book and I’m going to learn to knit! But first I have to find yarn I’m not allergic to (meaning silk or cotton and nothing else) which also means a trip to the big city near us. But I will need to know these strange terms like superwash! What do you recommend for a first project? A scarf or a washcloth or something?


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