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how many of us write notes in our books. Are you a Footprint Leaver or a Preservationist? – BTT

Preservationist. I don’t really like writing in books and leave them as they are. If I wanted to leave notes about them, I’d blog it or write in one of my notebooks or journals. I also can’t stand when people leave notes in library books. I once read a Bill Bryson book where someone had written in the margins complaining about the editing of the French words in the book.  Some people have too much time on their hands. I will say that I like when books are personalized. When I buy a used book or take out a book that used to be owned by someone, I actually like reading the first page, “To J from M, December 1965” or something to that effect. No one has ever done that for me, but I wouldn’t mind it if the book and person were close to my heart.

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  • Literary Feline

    I prefer to make notes in my trusty little reading notebook or on sticky notes. If I am desperate, I may make a small notation in pencil in the book so I can find the section later. I never think it’s appropriate to mark up someone else’s book without that person’s permission, be it a library book or a book from a friend.

    I like personalized books. My mother is big on that and rarely do I get a book from her that she hasn’t personalized it for me. She expects me to do the same with books to both her and my father. My husband on the other hand hates it.


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