Day: July 6, 2008

The readathon last saturday seemed to have sapped all my energy in reading as I’ve been taking my time reading Bill Bryson’s The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir and the graphic novel Pyongyang: A journey in North Korea. I enjoy them both and am reading more today after some Sunday errands. I’ve just been pacing my reading. I posted all the reviews I wrote during the readathon this week too, and I’ve been considering all the books I will be reading for the rest of the summer. I have been thinking a lot this weekend. 

Currently, I have 12 books and one movie taken out from the public library. That is the lowest number of items taken out in more than a year, at least. I love my public library. I spent summers there as a kid going through books. As I have started to recently buy books and borrow more from friends, I have needed to cut down on browsing in the library. Other than the express/bestseller reads, I don’t even browse there. I request all my books from the online catalogue and pick it up in my weekly visit. I am actually a bit glad that my library checkout item number is down because I own so many more books now, most of which I have not read because the library books get precedence. This summer, I am trying to achieve a balance.

In other reading news, I have been reading a lot of fanfiction today. I actually read a lot of fanfiction in general, and can into periods of not doing so, but for the most part, I do read many amateur writings. I have been doing so more or less consistently for years. They can be based on television shows, movies, or other books. It’s fascinating what writers do with other writers. I have read some wonderful writing and stories from fanfic. It’s an interesting subgenre made possible or at least, more alive by the internet.

Have a good Sunday and week.