Restaurant Review: Sushi Hiroba

Project 224/365 - Sushi for Lunch Soba at Sushi Hiroba

Sushi Hiroba
50-54 Kingsway (near Holborn station)
London WC2B 6EP
+44(0)20 7430 1888

The Cost & Date: Lunch for 2 was £12ish. Dinner for 4 was £50ish I think.

Food & Drink: For the lunch session, I had salmon maki. For dinner, I had the soba noodles. Tap water for drinks.

Setting: Nice decoration. I like the ladies washroom. The sushi bar has revolving mechanism.

Service: Nothing to complain or rave about.

Story: Both times, I was with this one friend who goes here quite often for the Udon. Due to the central location, this place is busy most times for lunch and dinner. The maki was actually good in that the salmon did taste fresh. The soba was way too salty for me though. I love buckwheat noodles, but there was too much salt in it.

Overall: Meh. The decor is pretty nice.

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