Day: April 23, 2012

Best American Travel Writing 2011

I have been reading this series for at least five or six years now. I can’t remember when I started, but I’ve read almost every annual anthology. I always enjoy these books. I would like the chance to read more periodicals, but I rarely have the opportunity. I also like reading about travel, but I have been doing less of that reading and indeed, travelling in general. I haven’t really travelled for the last two years, and it’s not good. I still dream of it, and reading this series always makes me appreciative of how big our world can be at times and how small we are. I enjoy how multi-faceted travel writing in these books are. It encompasses so many topics. In this book there is discussion and focus on Monet, NASCAR, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, Denmark’s Free Town, life on a freighter ship in the 1970, Moscow traffic, sense of direction, vampires, Miami and more. Travel writing itself embodies so many subjects such as news international affairs, politics, history, and anthropology to name a few subjects. Even though the book is titled The Best American Writing, many of the authors are not native to the USA and like good travelers are open after experiences moving around or adventuring abroad.

For many years, I think I’ve harbored some dream of being a travel writer. I don’t know if I have the necessary ability for it, but writing and travel are two of my passions so it stands to reason that if I ever got the chance to be paid for it, I’d take it. I doubt that will happen anytime soon, but when I travel, I try to write. I think it’s a natural marriage of sorts. So I will continue to dream of travel and my pen will be ready as well. In the meantime, I should read more travel books.

Read April 21st 2012.