Booking Through Thursday – Picking and Choosing

On Booking Through Thursday this week:

Overall, what factor most influences your choice of your next read?

What is it that makes you want to read a book by an author you have never read before?

Nowadays, I am back on reading challenges so I read my next books based on that. I also read based on my library checked out queue; I read what is coming due. This is why I buy books and don’t tend to read them for years because library or borrowed books become priority. When I don’t have a library to frequent, I do tend to read the books I buy right away. Another factor is mood. Sometimes, if I have read a couple of classics, I want to read something lighter or shorter. Likewise, if I read a couple of lighter books, I rather want something more literary or classic.

As for what makes me want to read books by authors I’ve never tried, I have a myriad of factors. It’s more like what makes me not want to read them is better. I was born with To Be Read List that I will probably never finish. I actually have a large collection of ebooks on one of my external hard drives. Ebooks are cheaper so I will tend to get them even if they sound remotely interesting to me. I have a number of interests so it can be piqued by topics, genres, settings, and more. I will tend to read a new author if they are well reviewed either by being bestsellers, award winners, or by looking at other book bloggers. My GoodReads feed has been a good way of adding new books to my queue. Other than that, I do tend to go to bookstores and libraries and read the backs of books to see what they are about.

How about you?

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