Day: October 21, 2012

Sunday Salon

Hello, everyone!

I am still reading Bel-Ami. I am nearly halfway through it, but I won’t be able to read it by the time the book is due on Tuesday. I’ll have to continue by downloading a copy. I have to find a French one for the Kindle though. I’m enjoying reading it in French, but it’s one of those books where none of the characters are likable so I’m not really rooting for anyone. The writing is good though; I do love French.

No reading today as a friend is visiting from out of town so I am out and about. It’ll be a good way to test my new camera out.

In an effort to curb my hobbies, I’ll probably drop badminton after Christmas. I am no longer looking forward to it like I use to. I even skipped it to this week because I was tired and I rather play fiddle instead. I’m really getting into my music. It’s been six weeks, and I’ve learned three tunes. I find it meditatively and boosts my confidence since I’ve never been particularly musical.

Next month, I’ll have more time to read (yay!), but also look for jobs (boo!).

What is everyone reading this weekend? Have a good week!