Day: November 18, 2012

Sunday Salon

Hello everyone! I’ve been forgetful about the Salon and do them much later than in my mornings. [One hour later] See, it happened again. I become busy doing other things.

Since I stopped working, I haven’t been a particularly good reader or all that productive in my job search. I have been looking after my spiritual health a bit more and feel more content and hopeful about the future.

I did read yesterday: Soulless: The Manga and the review will be up tomorrow.

Other news of this week which made me satisfied was that I bought a rechargeable electric toothbrush: Oral-B 5000 series. I am really geeky since this has pleased me greatly. It really does make my teeth very clean after every brushing. I really can’t afford to go to the dentist as much anymore, but I try to be diligent with my dental routine with flossing, tongue cleaning, and by investing in this toothbrush. Does anyone else have an electric toothbrush too?

In other news, the weather is cool but bright. The snow hasn’t made any significant appearance so the only thing that tells me it’s the holiday season is coming is the plethora of people shopping and the decorations. I really do like the festive season even though (or because) my family and friends aren’t big on it so there isn’t much stress about gift giving or obligations.

How are you looking forward to the end of the year?

Have a happy Sunday everyone!