Day: January 20, 2013

Sunday Salon

Hello, everyone!

I read a book this week: Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman. The review will be up tomorrow or Tuesday. It feels like an accomplishment because it’s third week of January and I’ve only read three books! Two of which were very small and short. It’s been a busy month as I try to improve my job hunt and do some reflections on my life.

Even though I wrote about fanfiction last week, I’ve banned myself from reading it for a time. It’s very distracting. It’s not the only thing I’ve had to reign my control on such as spending less and watching less Youtube. I am also going to try and not buy as many used books this year if at all as I am too much of a secondhand book fair junkie.

I still have lots of books to read, and I’m trying to encourage myself to hit my TBR and library pile. Reading about reading makes me want to read more again. I had to force myself not to start a book, but I still need to finish reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Whenever books are on my Kindle, I tend to forget about them. I see the Kindle on my desk, but I forget that there is a book that I should finish or read from it. With real books I can see where I am and they call my attention. The Kindle not so much.

As I am feeling tired and lazy today, I’ll do some writing and reading now.

What are you reading today?

Have a good week, everyone!