Day: February 4, 2013

Fifty Shames of Earl Grey

As one can postulate from the title, this is a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey. I am going to keep this review short; I probably shouldn’t have read this book since I only found this book just Okay. On the other hand, it was so over the top and silly at times that I actually laughed out loud a few times. Some of the moments were so stupid and absurd that I had to laugh.

Some of the other moments were just very strange. There were a couple of gross moments which is why I think the author was going for since the original work does have those moments too. The book was a bit too long as well; I do not think novel length parodies are really my thing. It did remind me again how awful the Fifty Shades Trilogy actually is. I think the parody’s Anna is actually smarter than Ana Steele.

I only recommend this book if you have a dark sense of humor and if you found the actual Fifty Shades trilogy funny because it was so very bad.

Read January 30th-31st, 2013.

The best satire or commentary of the trilogy is still Jen Reads 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. She’s on the last book now.