Faro’s Daughter by Georgette Heyer

Well, this was a bit of an annoying read. I started this novel a awhile ago, but then it languished. I always have a problem finishing a book if I don’t consistently work on it in a couple of sittings.

In a rare Heyer situation, I did not like the female protagonist of this novel and I grew to dislike the hero too.I found her impertinent, proud, and arrogant. Even when she was shown a softer side, the first impression the reader gets of her is a beautiful tease. She even takes it to the next level by manipulating more than one man in this novel. I did not understand her plan to revenge herself on Ravenscar. It just seemed way over the top even for Heyer.

I did not like the pairing. Deborah and Ravenscar hate each other at the beginning and they play a dangerous game with each other. I know this is a romance novel and all’s well that ends well, but it’s a bit uncomfortable to read how much they treat each other in the beginning. They keep proclaiming how much they hate each other; it’s not really enjoyable watching them avenge themselves.

It is often fun in romances when there tension and two different (or similar rather) people meet and dislike each other. These two just play one game too many. I don’t find such duplicity romantic especially when they are playing with someone else’s affection.

All in all, one of my least favourite Heyer novels even though I think the supporting characters are mildly amusing. Now I need to read another book quickly to get over it.

Read September 12-21 2013.

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