Naked by David Sedaris

I prefer listening to Sedaris, but I could not track down the audiobook for this at the library. Now that I’ve read most of his collected works, I do think I prefer the later ones. This one was still good and it made me fascinated again with the character of Sedaris’s mother Sharon.

A lot of Sedaris’s stories are really strange, but I feel they are stranger than fiction. It’s hard to make some of this up, and I can see some weird and nasty side of people when reading these stories.

I would not recommend Sedaris for everyone. Actually, I am becoming less snarky as I get older it seems. I am still amused by his way of looking at the world and in the later stories, he is quite genial and mellow compared to the younger version of himself.

Still think he is a unique humorist and a good reader to boot.

Read September 8-9th 2013.

2 thoughts on “Naked by David Sedaris

  • Geoff W

    I honestly can’t remember if I’ve read this one. I definitely remember reading Me Talk Pretty One Day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I should probably check out more of his works.

    • athena (Post author)

      Hi Geoff! A lot of his stuff blurs together after awhile. In a good way of course. I liked MTPD as well. One of my favourites is the first one of I read of his: When You are Engulfed in Flames which covers him quitting smoking and living in Japan. I also really liked his new owls one. Hope you’re having a good Monday!


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