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Filofax Update

This is a continution of my Filofax Malden Setup and Updates posts just covering the pens I use and other tips I like.

As with some other Filofaxers, I bought one of these Passport Holder organisers which really do fit a lot of pens and random post-its and stickers. I am not one of those Filofaxers who decorate their planner; it’s just not for me. I do like the occasional sticker and sticky note though. I use the organiser to hold some of my favourite pens and stickers though. Unseen here is another box full of old and current refills I am not using and other stickers.

Let’s talk about pens!

Filofax Update

I wonder what came first, my love of paper and stationery or my love of pens? I remember as a kindergartener coveting another student’s coloured pencils. Even though, I liked writing tools.

A run down of pens I use with my Filofaxes in order of frequency of use:

Frixion Slim light blue case with a dark blue 0.7mm refill – I use this one a lot because it’s eraseable so for tentative events, contacts, etc.
Pilot Cavalier F in Pelikan Black ink – I’ve been using this fountain pen less lately. The slimness of this pen is why I got it (the annoyingly small Malden pen loop), but it also makes it annoying. It dries up basically once a week. I guess I write a lot, but I find it a hassle to refill so frequently.
Uni-ball Vision Fine in Purple – I found this pen again recently, and I love the Vision Elite line even more. However, this one is in purple and is slimmer so fits into the pen loop.
Sharpie Pens in Black and Red – Great pens that I use in the Malden. The red is for my budget. The black I sometimes use in the Malden in place of the Cavalier.
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner in Black – Lives perfectly in my Finsbury Pocket pen loop. These pens are affordable and come in lovely colours.

None of these pens bleed on the Filofax paper. Other pens I also love and tested are: Uni-ball Vision Elite, Sakura Pigma Microns, Lamy Vista/Safari fountain pen (F and 1.1mm nib), and Mont Blanc F fountain pen.

Fountain pens and Filofax paper – I only found this a problem when it was the coloured lined paper which I don’t use often. Secondly, only when I was using an M or Calligraphy nib. When using fine nibs, I found bleeding not an issue on FF paper.

Some Filofax Tips & Hacks

The following are some things I’ve found helpful with my Filofax experience. Some of these tips are obvious, but I present them here for my own reference:

  • Use the A-Z index for things more than contacts. I put miscellaneous information such as beauty recipes and wifi passwords there.
  • I keep a pen in all my Filofaxes, even the unused ones.
  • Clip a second pen in the Personal Malden. Did I mention that I love pens?
  • Put the diary in the middle of the planner rather than the front to distribute the weight.
  • Keep spare cash and/or a cash card in all my planners. You never know when you need it.
  • Sticky notes and hair ties are always useful to have on hand.
  • The Nivea Treatment – As reported on other Filofax blogs, this is one of the best moisturizers for leather planners. Basically after a light cleaning, slather the Nivea Creme on, let it sit overnight (not in plastic) and by the morning, all the white of the creme should have been absorbed. I’ve used this on all my planners to great result. The Maldens soaked it up.

For more planner and Filofax tips and hacks, visit Philofaxy.

What are your favourite Filofax tips and hacks?

6 thoughts on “Filofax Pens and More

  • Susan

    I guess I dont use one yet but thx for the info on the Malden. I probably need one. As for pens, I like the Uni-ball pens pretty well.
    Your site changed its look … are you on WordPress? always looks good

    • athena (Post author)

      Hi Susan! There are other brands of leather or non-leather planners. I’ve always had a planner, but this new system is great for me. I really like the Uni-ball pens too; they are archival, water proof and plane proof. Yes, I changed the theme this week. I am on WordPress. I think you’re on Drupal, correct? I’ve been using WP on and off for a decade. Thank you for the comment. I wanted a change, and wasn’t sure if this was the look. Happy weekend!

  • Nathalie

    I also treat my planners with Nivea cream but not that one though. I have been using the round flat blue tin for decades. And it works xonders on leather. You must make sure the cream doesn’t contain alcohol.

    • athena (Post author)

      Hi Nathalie! The tube and the tin are almost exactly the same. I didn’t want to buy the big tin as I was trying it out. Thanks for commenting!

  • Susanne

    For the love of pens. “I remember as a kindergartener coveting another student’s coloured pencils.” That sentence made me laugh, because that is exactly how I felt as a little one. One of the kids had this big metal box of Caran D’Ache pencils and I was in love with those colors. Since then I have been hooked and carry multiple pens around with me. And coveting many more.

    • athena (Post author)

      Hello Susanne! I am glad I am not the only one who was afflicted with the pen love at an early age! I also have way too many pens around me and must resist in buying more and more. Thank you for the comment!


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