Day: March 10, 2014

This book was difficult to finish. I did not warm to the style and it dragged. I can not pinpoint why exactly since I love social history books. The author has a meandering style and this is usually fine for me as I myself have meandering mind. The book brushes only the tip of the matter on some subjects. Perhaps the subject matter was too broad.

I did learn a couple of neat things as I should with a nonfiction history book, but I was not engaged when reading this book. I found myself wandering off mentally. The book reminds me of Bill Bryson’s Home and Kate Fox’s Watching the English which Hitchins references several times. I found the latter too more better written and focussed. I recommend the latter too if you’re interested in social history and England.

I feel like I am in a reading funk and minor rut. Hopefully the next books are better.

Read March 2-8, 2013.