Day: July 2, 2014

Deadlocked Dead Ever After

These were the first books I read on my holiday last month. I started Deadlocked on the plane and more or less finished it by the end of my sixteen hour flight.

I avoided reading these last two installments to the Southern Vampire Mysteries / Sookie Stackhouse / True Blood series for a couple years now. I first mentioned the series on this blog back in 2008 and reviewed it in 2009: Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries True Blood Books 1-8. From that review, I noted how “excellent” the series was and how much I adored the characters especially Sookie. At that point, the books were easily my favourite modern vampire series. While I knew this series wasn’t great literature, it was fun.

Basically, the series lived far past its prime. They were suppose to end originally around book ten, but the books had become so popular that the author and the publisher extended it to Bbok thirteen. I think this was a terrible idea. After certain events, the characters became depressing. Sookie was no longer fun and it felt like she had regressed even. The last three or four books have been boring. The last book was terrible when compared to the earlier books. The author was clearly running out of ideas for plots and adventures. She was also unsure how to breakup the most popular couple in her fandom, and did so terribly.

Harris maintained for years that she hadn’t decided who she wanted Sookie to end up with. While reading the first couple of books, it was obvious to me based on Sookie’s personality and goals. As a result, it felt anticlimactic for me and really rushed. It didn’t feel earned or natural how Sookie broke up with her previous (and probably the love of her life) boyfriend.

I could rant a bit more, but then I’d be spoiling the series. Then again, I am not recommending anyone finish reading these books. I think they stopped being alright around book ten.

If you want pulpy, silly vampire and southern book series, read the first four or so, then continue a bit more. Just don’t go beyond book ten.

Finished reading May 9 and May 13, 2014 on the Kindle.