Month: March 2015

I believe this book is essential reading for anyone who likes the Little House series. It made me fall in love with the series again and also admire Wilder more than ever. I am glad this book has her raw writing, but also lots of great historical notes about her, Lane, and life on the frontier. Editor Pamela Smith Hill did an excellent job.

An original manuscript (which she intended to be edited by her daughter) from that time is not the most polished, but I did appreciate seeing Wilder’s natural prose. She did have moments that showed she was a great writer as the series leads you to believe.

The stories in the manuscript are much more realistic and grittier than in the series, but it still retained that voice of innocence. I ended this book liking everyone more including Pa and Rose Wilder Lane.

The physical beauty of the book is an added bonus. It’s a hefty, wide hard cover book with photos and a lovely cover.

I really enjoyed this book and it cements my love of Wilder as an author and the Little house series even with those little caveats I had during the reread.

Read March 22-25, 2015

I knew who the murderer was when I started this book. I had heard this story adapted on a BBC radio programme. This coloured my reading of the book and made me look more closely at the murderer.

I’ve only read a handful of Christie novels, but I’ve seen a number of the mysteries adapted for TV and movies. I find her an engaging novelists. There is a quality of timelessness to her books. I knew the work was early twentieth century, but it could have been anywhere from 1900 to 1960. She gives so much more to her characters, their psychology, and relationships.

This one has some great psychological bits and clues. Even knowing the murderer, I forgot how it happened precisely. I did find the murderer suspicious and there are indeed lots of character clues as well as real ones for the culprit.

Hope to read more Christie soon.

Read March 8-9, 2015.