Jane Steele by Lydnsay Faye

I read this novel over a month ago, and started this review but never completed it.

This an nice and twisty suspense romance inspired by Jane Eyre. When I first started it, I was not sure how romantic it would get.

It started off more like a gothic horror novel with a lot of Dickensian reveals. It didn’t get romantic until the last half and I was surprised how much I liked it. I found the romance built up well and in a similar and less creepy fashion than Jane Eyre.

There is a lot of violence throughout the book and often conducted by the protagonist or even other females. I like the heroine is actually more an anti-herorine vigilante. She is not a typical character even in urban fantasy and steam punk novels.

I’d recommend book to people who like Jane Eyre, gothic horror, and can stand to take some violence.

Read May 6-10, 2017.

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